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Agri Food Professional Services

Our human capital is an asset that we make available to the Agri-food industry, to support the different entities of the sector in the development, expansion and consolidation of their business.


Our goal is to boost the growth of our customers through innovation and value creation.

In a global market where the path of growth is increasingly hidden behind complex legal, technological and operational systems, having an external service of strategy and management consultants is an indispensable resource for any organization.

Our business consulting experts collaborate closely with our clients and interact by applying best practices, seeking to create management teams with strategic vision and multicultural experience, which allow them to take advantage of the experience of their components to create innovative and valuable services for their clients.


We offer a comprehensive advice, consulting and support service for:

  • Approval as a company that obtains, selects and / or produces bioactive components and any other type of plant germplasm.
  • Obtaining permits for the development of crops and the processing of controlled products.
  • Registration and renewals in official records (food products, bioactive principles, Spanish drug agency, plant varieties, fertilizers, …)
  • Incorporation of companies and provision of Social and / or Fiscal domicile in Spain.
  • Fiscal and Accounting Services.


Our marketing and communication team responds to customer needs, offering services of:

  • Translation of commercial documents.
    • Available languages: Spanish, English, French, German, Farsi, Arabic and Russian
  • Design, development, mainteance and hosting of web pages.
  • Design, development and printing of brochures and product sheets. 
  • Design and manufacture of packaging and product identification elements.
    • Boxes, cases, envelopes, labels,… 


We collaborate with Business Centers and Coworking, in different countries, which allow our clients to have, under very advantageous conditions, temporary rental of: workspaces, computer equipment, meeting rooms, classrooms for seminars and courses.

We also offer a virtual office service in Almería and Madrid, which allows our clients to have:

  • A legal and / or fiscal address for your company.
  • The commercial use of these addresses, including their use in their corporate documentation.
  • Urgent notice and certificate.
  • Reception and management of mail and parcels.

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