Agrointec launches its new Seedmach HSV equipment, capable of carrying out large volumes of seed packaging work, in an automatic and very precise way using a seed counting technology by artificial vision, exclusive and proprietary of Agrointec. It is a machine developed entirely in Spain.

After three intense years of R&D work, Agrointec engineering team launches a tool designed, designed and developed entirely in Spain, to offer the seed sector a solution for the automation of its packaging processes with high precision, by integrating artificial vision technologies.

In words of Daniel Rodríguez, Agrointec Agrifood Engineering and Process Manager, “SeedMach HSV incorporates a new technology that owns artificial vision, which is the result of an internal R&D program, which obtained the support of the NEOTEC 2016 Program of CDTI. This machine is born from the deep knowledge that Agrointec has in relation of seed companies needs, which require complex developments that reveal large R&D investments and that many companies are not able to undertake”.

Daniel Rodríguez, responsable de ingeniería y líder del proyecto tecnológico Seedmach, y Alfredo Sánchez-Gimeno, responsable de innovación en Agrointec, junto a la nueva máquina de conteo y envasado desarrollada.

Daniel Rodríguez, head of engineering and leader of the Seedmach technology project, and Alfredo Sánchez-Gimeno, head of innovation at Agrointec, together with the new counting and packaging machine developed.

When we talk about seeds and grains, we refer to a sector that is at the beginning of the agri-food chain, present anywhere in the world. In Agrointec we understand the need to incorporate innovations in this sector in order to increase its competitiveness and guarantee an improvement, both in terms of automation and traceability, of all its processes; For this reason we bet, more than three years ago, to launch SEEDMACH®, a line of seed processing equipment which comprises a wide variety of solutions adapted to the needs of both specialized SMEs and large multinationals in the sector.

Ángel Leo-Revilla, General Manager, Agrointec

More than 6 years ago, Agrointec Solutions was created with the objective of being a benchmark as a leading consultant for the agri-food industry, also providing new solutions, both in the field of industrial equipment and in ICT, for companies and public entities of this industry, with a special focus on the seed sector.

SEEDMACH® machines can be integrated with NOAH ERP software, which has a module specially designed for companies producing and marketing horticultural seeds, to automate the processes of managing the work orders for packaging, so that the logistic information of these tasks is recorded automatically and the risks of human error are minimized.

The HSV model, specifically designed for high-value seed counting in the market, along with the rest of the weighing equipment, completes Agrointec machinery suite. The optical cameras and its incorporated automated packaging system, allows to pack seeds of all kinds arriving at speeds of up to 20 envelopes per minute with an accuracy superior to 99.9%.

The SEEDMACH® product range offers a wide variety of solutions not only for the handling of seeds and agri-food products but also other bulk products such as nuts, dehydrated and other processed foods.


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