The V National Congress of Entrepeneurial Scientists represents a before and after in the entrepeneurial and innovative ecosystem of our country.  The meeting will show real and motivational examples of entrepeneurial scientists and success stories of Spanish scientific start-ups.

Madrid, February 20, 2019 – Madrid will host again, on May 9 and 10, the fifth edition of the national congress of entrepreneurial scientists. For two days, the capital will be the meeting point for more than a hundred students, researchers and entrepreneurs interested in the creation and growth of new scientific-based companies.

This initiative aims to boost the creation of scientific and technological-based companies, make visible the figure of the entrepreneurial scientist, and inspire new generations that will build the knowledge society of the future. With this we want to reaffirm how the commitment to entrepreneurship and technology transfer is a key element of wealth generation. The congress aims to show the challenges and opportunities, in addition to the difficulties and possibilities of materializing a business project of these characteristics. In addition, it wants to be a forum where the current situation of scientific entrepreneurship in Spain is analyzed.

During the conference, important scientists who have made the leap to the business world and who will show their experiences will participate. Contributions that will be articulated through round tables on different relevant aspects at the time of undertaking, in which debate and participation between speakers and attendees will be encouraged.

Entrepreneurship experts will analyze the current situation, the barriers that exist and how scientific-based entrepreneurship can be enhanced in our country. The congress seeks to be a meeting point for all agents interested in scientific entrepreneurship. In addition, thematic workshops will be held with small groups and the INGEMM (Institute of Medical and Molecular Genetics) will be visited.

A joint public-private bet

The congress, whose past editions were held in Valencia, Granada and Barcelona will take place this time at the facilities of the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Madrid. It is organized by the Damián Rodríguez Olivares Foundation and the Spanish Association of Scientific Entrepreneurs (AEEC) with the collaboration of the Autonomous University of Madrid, the Teófilo Hernando Institute, the Madrid Science Park and the Association for the Advancement of Science (AEAC) .

The initiative also has the support of an impulse committee formed by a large representation of the main public and private agents of our country’s innovative entrepreneurship ecosystem.

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