The Agrointec Solutions company, belonging to the multinational group Cellbitec, will be presenting its solutions for the agri-food sector at the Espacio Food & Services fair, which will be held on September 25, 26 and 27 in Santiago, Chile, within the framework of the Ready2Go initiative promoted by the European Commission and managed by the Chamber of Commerce of Milan (Italy).

During the fair, and as a result of their collaboration agreement with the multinational SEIDOR, they will hold meetings with companies, entities and research centers dedicated to the improvement and development of new varieties of agricultural interest, the management of germplasm banks, and the commercialization of seeds; to present the NOAH ERP platform.

It is an integral solution for the management of all the R&D activities of these organizations and that can also be integrated with SAP, the business management ERP par excellence in the market, as well as with the SeedMach® line of equipment for automate the tasks of order packaging.Agrointec will present solutions, for the different actors of the agri-food industry, such as its innovative line of bio-products of natural origin with applications in the field of plant nutrition (macro and organic micronutrients, biostimulants and biofertilizers based on vegetable proteins, and soil bioremediators); in the improvement of agricultural soils with substrates that optimize and maximize the use of water; and in the suppression of dust from roads that affects crop production and can be a vector for the transmission of pests. Or its line of food and nutraceutical ingredients of vegetable origin (oils and seed flours, protein hydrolysates, extracts for functional foods, …)

It will also announce its line of SeedMach® equipment, for seed packaging, which has machines for seed counting (both by weighing and by application of algorithms and artificial vision technologies), for filling and sealing envelopes; and for automatic application of labels.


Agrointec Solutions is a technology-based company belonging to the Cellbitec Group, which addresses the agri-food sector with innovative and state-of-the-art solutions, to support companies and public and private entities in this sector in boosting, enhancing and improving their productivity and of its operations. R&D is part of our DNA and is based on a triple approach: Innovation, through the conceptualization and development of specialized equipment with high performance and adapted to the needs of the market. Knowledge applied to the improvement, automation, transformation, optimization and / or digitalization of agro-industrial processes and quality and personalized services to respond to market needs, in aspects such as outsourcing, consulting, internationalization, marketing or specialized training.


It is a comprehensive management platform aimed at companies or cooperatives that obtain, produce and distribute seeds and grains; to public and private germplasm banks; to R&D centers and university departments of plant genetic improvement; to independent geneticists; and to botanical gardens.

NOAH ERP is a comprehensive solution that allows for a centralized repository of the company’s document management, and a unique information system for registering the know-how of any organization dedicated to the management of plant germplasm and genetic improvement.

NOAH is a tool, unique in the market, that avoids the loss of knowledge in any of the areas of a seed business (inventory management, test development, genetic improvement, seed marketing, …); and that also results in the security and integrity of the information and genetic material developed in the organization.